“Some Folk want their luck buttered!” – Dirty Old Folkers are back in town!

It’s been a good few years since The Dirty Old Folkers have taken centre stage and cooked up a storm at The Actress & Bishop. We’re so excited to welcome The Peacock, Concrete Clive Bawley, Bawley, HRH, Bon Jon Mathew, Death & Panda back 25th September 2018. For the few of you who haven’t had the privilege of being part of a Dirty Old Folkers audience as of yet, let us introduce you to them…

“A super-charged folk ensemble, Dirty Old Folkers create musical mayhem. Think of a Viz comic, being narrated by the Pogues.”

“Juxtaposing Folk with Comedy, Cabaret and Political satire, Dirty Old Folkers cook up a fine brew of a show. Theirs is a pick ‘n’ mix sweetie bag of musical genius, stretching across an ever expanding repertoire – Irish Folk – Bluegrass – Blues – a quick detour to Jazz – Classical Music – a nod to Black Sabbath, and all while spanking Pete Seeger’s monkey.

They sing of the Bankers’ Bonus system, a sonnet to the Coalition Government, and an Ode to Theology. Deeply rooted in the urban jungle in which they inhabit, Dirty Old Folkers picket against the UK’s industrial demise. Oh, and did someone mention a dancing Panda and Death…?”

Check out their video for ‘Birmingham’ here:

We are VERY excited to welcome the guys back 25th November – FREE ENTRY followed by DJ until 2am! Talk about ”Sundayfunday!”

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